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  • Adam Kucharski - Director of BDO SOLUTIONS

    BDO SOLUTIONS Sp. z o.o. offers business support systems, IT solutions, advisory, consulting and training services. BDO SOLUTIONS is a team of people with the highest qualifications in management, IT, audit, accounting, finance, taxation.

    The IT as a service model allows us to flexibly use the IT architecture, based on solutions that are relevant to the current needs of the company, while maintaining security guarantees, says Adam Kucharski.  

    We recommend this company!

  • Marek Jurkowski - Consulting and Sales Director at INTENSE Group

    Intense GROUP, together with Polcom, created a service model which offers deployment of applications in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

    Such solution is a measurable benefit to the Customer. The Customer receives a ready-to-use product without the burden of IT architecture at a reasonable cost. With this solution, together with Polcom, we have become an even better business partner. We also remained faithful to our ideals: our products and services are built on our knowledge which is constantly developed and open to innovations, says Marek Jurkowski, Consulting and Sales Director at INTENSE Group.

  • Joachim Krzywik - President of PLAUT Consulting Polska

    Together with Polcom, we prepared a modern service that provides fast and efficient deployment and maintenance of SAP applications, says Joachim Krzywik, CEO of Plaut Consulting Polska. 

    Software as a Service is a service model that allows for the use of applications via the Internet. At any place and any time. Without obligations related to the availability of infrastructure or operating system. Polcom also took over the issues related to administration, updates and technical support.

  • Wojciech Narczyński - President of POWER MEDIA S.A.

         We are a publicly traded IT company involved in implementation of technologically advanced IT projects for Customers in Poland and abroad.

         Power Media’s continuously growing range of services and number of Customers urged the management to look for a trustworthy supplier of IT solutions. After considering several options, we chose the Polcom Data Center. It was a good solution which we are happy about, recommends Wojciech Narczyński. 

  • Marcin Kisielewski - Project Manager, CBCP, Krakow AMWAY Business Services Center

       A Spare Office is a service through which Customers have unlimited access to the office infrastructure. There’s no need to create and maintain their own duplicate resources.

         It’s possible to move key employee teams to a dedicated space within a few hours. Resumption of business can be very quick and efficient. It can be transparent to our Customers and Partners, says Marcin Kisielewski, Project Manager, CBCP, Krakow Amway Business Services Center.  

  • Krzysztof Jaworski - IT Manager at GLOBAL COSMED S.A.

         Global Cosmed S.A. is a modern, dynamically developing company, operating in the market of cosmetics and household chemicals. For Global Cosmed S.A., development is important. That’s why they want to use the solutions that will help them achieve it.

         Cooperation with Polcom allowed us to use cross-cut methods dedicated to our business. We’ve gained support thanks to which our IT resources are secure and, what’s important, scalable. Because of that, we don’t feel restricted by our IT infrastructure, says Krzysztof Jaworski (IT Manager).  

  • Mateusz Flis - Managing Director of IVES SYSTEM

         Together with Polcom, Ives System provides innovative technical solutions to support the work of physicians, radiologists, and the learning process of medical students.

         Progressive approach to problem solving. Cooperation with scientists and physicians. Specialized skills in the applications of IT in medicine. Sensitivity to the needs of our Customers. These features are important for Ives System and they single out our company,  lists Mateusz Flis, Managing Director at Ives System.

  • Jacek Kołaczek - President of DPK System

         DPKSystem is the only company on the Polish market to offer a comprehensive and integrated car fleet management system designed for cargo and people transportation companies. Theservices include design, deployment and post-deployment maintenance.

      By working with Polcom, we have the opportunity to use dedicated IT systems. This gives us real support, so we can focus on the business projects we implement, and not on technical issues. For us, it’s a good solution.

  • Jacek Fert - CIO at BRENNTAG POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

       IT as a service is a model that meets the requirements of Brenntag. The company gets access to those resources that are the most important at the time. They can be increased and decreased. 

       Using Polcom’s services didn’t require us to incur any costs associated with the purchase of IT infrastructure. We also avoided the excessive amount of equipment. However, we received a dedicated environment we successfully use, says Jacek Fert, CIO of Brenntag. – This really saved us money.  

  • Rafał Curyło - CFO and Member of the Board at Velvet CARE

    Velvet Care is one of the largest manufacturers of hygiene products in Poland. Its concern is the increasing comfort of its Customers and Partners. It’s constantly looking for creative and effective solutions in order to effectively respond to new consumer needs and changing market. Using Polcom’s services gives Velvet Care such opportunities, says Rafał Curyło, CFO and Member of the Board at Velvet CARE.

  • Maksymilian Stanibuła - Marketing Director at Compendium Education Center

    Since 2000, Compendium offers trainings in ICT technology in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The Center provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to function in the conditions of rapid technological development. 

    ‘In order to maintain high business standards, we thoroughly select our Business Partners,’ says Maksymilian Stanibuła, Marketing Director at Compendium. ‘The solutions offered by them must support our growth.’ Polcom understands that.

  • Andrzej Bakalarz - PSO Manager at GMC Software Technology Sp. z o.o.

    GMC Software Technology provides advanced solutions for communication with customers and document management. It successfully sets global trends in business solutions (Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave).

    They recommend Polcom as a Business Partner.

  • Jacek Młodawski - Vice President of Szkla.com portal

    Szkla.com online store has over 100,000 regular Customers, which makes us a leader in the industry and is a proof that our offer is the best alternative to shopping in traditional optical stores.

    Polcom is our Business Partner which we can recommend!

  • Piotr Ziemiański - IT Infrastructure Manager at Nowy Styl Group

    Nowy Styl Group, a manufacturer of office chairs and furniture, is a Partner who can be trusted and who supports companies in their everyday improvements, says Piotr Ziemiański, IT Infrastructure Manager at Nowy Styl Group – We expect the same from our Business Partners. We want to rely on modern solutions customized to our needs. We chose to work with Polcom. It was a good decision.

  • BNP Paribas - Bank Polska SA

    BNP Paribas Bank Polska S.A. is a part of the international BNP Paribas Group

    We recommend Polcom as a reliable supplier.

  • Jacek Wójtowicz - President of Glen

    Since its creation, Glen has been focused on mobile solutions based on our own and external programs. The basic range of services and software includes Mobilna Aplikacja Handlowa (Mobile Commerce Application, MAH), a proprietary solution.

    ‘We’d been looking for support for the needs of our system for some time, reviewing and analyzing the offers of data centers in Poland and abroad. We are a small company, a microenterprise according to the EU standards, but the approach to a customer such as we are, the flexibility in the negotiations and the level of service definitely single out Polcom on the market, says Jacek Wójtowicz, President of Glen.

  • Tomasz Wasilewski - Operations Manager at Farnell element14

    Farnell Element14 is a part of the Premier Farnell Group, an enterprise listed on the London Stock Exchange that links equity-related companies such as Farnell, Newark, CPC Premier Electronics, MCM, Akron Brass.

    For over a year, Polcom has been Farnell’s business partner in the field of Disaster Recovery Planning.

  • Inicjatywa Mikro - Loan fund

    The Inicjatywa Micro is a loan fund operating in Poland and for 19 years have been approving loans to micro and small businesses.

    Loans offered by us are always tailored to the specific business of our Clients. We also want to use the solutions appropriate for us and that’s why we chose the Polcom Data Center.

  • Krzysztof Serwatka - President of E-FISH

    We know that there are no two identical companies or institutions. Therefore we start each new project with a detailed audit, and we focus on understanding the exact expectations of our system.

    We expect the same approach to business matters from our Partners. We chose to work with Polcom, because we received customized solutions that support our growth.



Polcom Data Centre is a group of the largest and most modern data processing and data storage centres in Poland. Almost 25 years of experience and the biggest commercial hardware platform in Poland allow us to build a wide variety of solutions well-suited to the actual needs of our customers.

Our mission is realized through the introduction of innovative IT technologies in Central Europe, used for sharing and protecting electronic information. For many years, we have been building our competence based on cooperation with technology leaders, who provide solutions for high-accessibility environments.


One of the main services is providing processing power in the cloud. The service is based on the largest commercial hardware platform. The latest and most powerful Intel Haswell processors, the latest and fastest flash arrays with SSD drives. This service allows for running an IT project of any scale and for unlimited changes to its parameters in time. 

Polcom Data Center is one of the best in Europe. It was confirmed by winning a tender announced by QXL Group (Allegro).

In the course of the tender, 33 data centers in Europe have been verified. The verification was carried out by an external, international consulting company.

Polcom’s services enjoy great popularity, therefore we launch another data center in Alwernia near Krakow. The launch date is scheduled for December 2015. Both centers will offer our customers an area of over 12,000 m².

Both centers meet the highest standards of quality and safety. The highest, IV level of an international standard for data centers.

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