Personal data controller

Your personal data controller will be Polcom Spółka Akcyjna located in Skawina, Krakowska Street 43.

You can contact us as:

  1. by sending a letter to: Polcom S. A., Krakowska Street 43, 32-050 Skawina, Poland

  2. by e-mail:

  3. by telephone: +48 12 420 53 00


Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Stanisław Borkowski. You can contact the DPO by e-mail at

Every case concerning your data processing by the Personal Data Protection Office, including
exercise of your rights, can be addressed to the Data Protection Officer.


The purposes and grounds of data processing

We will process your personal data which is necessary due to a contract signed in which the data subject is a party or in order to take steps (Paragraph 6 Subparagraph 1c) or the data subject has given a consent to the processing of they personal data for one or more specific purposes (Paragraph 6 Subparagraph 1e).


Personal data recipients

Polcom S. A. is an exclusive administrator of the data collected on its servers. Polcom S. A. will not sell, rent, lease nor disclose this data to any third party. The data collected and processed by Polcom S. A. can be revealed to third parties as a legal obligation or as a consequence of an order enforced by governmental authorities in case that such disclosure is necessary for:

  • Polcom S. A. or other third parties rights protection,

  • public security or other people protection,

  • prevention or stopping any unethical or offensive activities

and any other cases required by law, in particular in cases where there is a suspicion of a criminal offense or infringement of intellectual or industrial property.


Data storage period

Polcom S. A. will store your personal data until the task completion to which the personal data has been collected.


Data subjects rights

According to the GDPR you have rights:

  1. to access your data and to obtain a copy of them,

  2. to your data correction,

  3. to erase your personal data in a situation where data processing is not carried out for the purpose of compliance with a legal obligation,

  4. to restrict your data processing,

  5. to object to your data processing,

  6. the right to file a complaint to the Head of Personal Data Office (to the Personal Data Protection Office – Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych, ul. Stawki 2,
    00-193 Warsaw, Poland)


Privacy policy

The principles concerning data processing in Polcom S. A. services are specified in our Privacy Policy.


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