Each company uses a number of IT systems. These are usually ready solutions offered by IT providers. It also happens that companies use their own applications created for a specific industry’s purposes. The use of multiple systems can lead to chaos and disrupt business continuity. The solution to this problem is the integration of IT systems.

Its aim is to optimize the company’s operations. The result are the parameters allowing for the best efficiency and scalability of the application environment. The company then operates more efficiently and more productively.

Polcom, with over 25 years of experience in IT integration, offers a professional analysis of the Customer’s business situation. On its basis, we design and implement a dedicated solution.

With Polcom’s services, Customers receive a ready-to-use IT environment allowing for quick data access with a guarantee of reliability and high performance.

Dedicated services:

  • building IT platforms
  • managing IT infrastructure
  • migrating IT environments
  • systems for data backup and archiving
  • virtualization
  • maintenance of IT infrastructure

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