This cross-cutting solution allows for the use of a professional IT platform in the SaaS model. It’s a complete and ready runtime environment for any customer’s application. The service provides all elements, including an operating system and a database, tailored to the needs of a given application. The service is available on demand, it can be turned on almost immediately after placing the order. Time-consuming and expensive process of ordering IT equipment, its delivery, configuration and testing goes into oblivion. Customers can at any time change (increase or decrease) the parameters of the service. Customers can change the parameters on their own or have the job done by Polcom engineers. The service works 24/7 and is under constant supervision of a team of specialists. All data is stored only in the Polcom Data Center, in several copies on independent professional devices designed for data storage and archiving. Launching a complete environment for applications such as SAP, Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Dynamics AX took a few minutes. The environment was completely ready for the installation and configuration of the above-mentioned applications. As part of the IT Platform, the following types of services are available:

  • processing power
  • data storage
  • backup
  • e-commerce platform
  • virtual desktop 

There is no need to incur costs and carry out work associated with the purchase of an own platform.  The development of IT architecture, as a result of the growth of the company or a specific business project, poses no trouble.  Our customers no longer need to worry about failures and the resulting downtime. They can focus on their core business. Polcom’s architecture is built to ensure that a failure of any single element has absolutely no effect on the operation of the whole system. The methods and ways of data collection and storage ensure that our customers’ data will never be lost.

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